Ready to Sell Your Stagecoach Home Fast?

Are you looking to sell your stage coach home in as little as 10 days?


Then you're in the right place because our professional staff is ready to make an all cash offer on your property right now.


No matter what your situation, we can help you sell your property fast.


If you inherited an unwanted property or even if squatters burned your entire house to the ground, we can help you sell your property and get cash in your bank in just a few days.


How are we able to offer you cash and close so fast when it takes months using the traditional method of selling through an agent with bank financing?


First off, we pay with cash and we never use bank financing. It takes too long and comes with too many contingencies that force you to waste time and money.


Speaking of wasting money, with the traditional method of selling through an agent you’ll spend 6% of the purchase price toward commissions and fees which can destroy your profit at the end of the day.


Instead of paying the commissions and fees out of your pocket, Home Buyers Nevada will cover all closing costs and make sure that you get the paid what you want at the closing table.


Additionally, we don’t play by anyone’s terms but YOURS.


We firmly believe that selling your Stagecoach, NV property should be on your terms and nobody else’s. After all, this is your property and not the banks, the agents, or anyone else’s!


What that means for you is that when you work with Home Buyers Nevada to sell your Stage coach home cash for cash we can close on  your timeline..


You can choose how fast you’d like to get your money and the date you’d like to close on your property.  

It really can be that simple…


Here’s a few benefits of working with Home Buyers Nevada to sell your Stagecoach Home -


1. Your Terms - We close on your terms, when and where you want. It’s your property and the sale should be on your terms. Simply let our professional team know how fast you want to close and we’ll make it happen!


2. NO Repairs - You don’t need to worry about repairing anything at all. We will handle the  heavy lifting of cleaning up, repairing and prepping your property for the new owner. Leave the headache to us!


3. No Commissions - Forget about paying a huge percentage of your sale price to the agent and other fees. Home Buyers Nevada will cover all the commissions and fees for you!


4. ANY Condition - No matter what condition your property is in we’ll take it off your hands. We pay cash for your property in it’s current condition, no repairs required!


5. Win Win - You should get a fair all-cash offer on your property and Home Buyers Nevada is dedicated to offering all sellers a reasonable fair market offer on your property.



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Here's the simple process to sell your home for cash ;


  • Submit your information into the form above
  • Our team will review all your details and contact you shortly with your cash offer
  • We will make you an all-cash offer by calling or responding via email
  • Choose when and where you want to close and we'll make it happen in as short as 10 days or less!

Here at Home Buyers Nevada our main focus is making fair offers on all properties within 24 hours or less.


Keep in mind, we buy all types of properties in as-is condition, with or without tenants in the house, and it doesn’t matter if the house is burned down, inherited, in the foreclosure process or even if you’re tired of being a landlord.


Your home could be in complete disrepair and require a massive rehab, you don’t have to swing a single hammer!


If you own a Stagecoach home and you’d like to get an all-cash offer within the next 24 hours or less then give us a call at (775)-227-3979 or fill out the form below right now.



Simple 3 Step Process Makes it Easy to Sell Your Property On YOUR Terms..Not Theirs!

Step #1

Fill out the form below or call right now to get your free personalized offer showing exactly how much your home is worth today.

Step #2

We will take the time necessary to understand your goals, answer your questions, and provide you with next steps to sell your property on your terms.

Step #3

You choose the best plan for your situation and we work to prepare your cash and closing at the time and place of YOUR choosing.

  • Inherited Property

  • Too Much Time on Market?

  • Foreclosure?

  • Horrible Tenants?

  • Divorce

  • Need LOTS or repairs?

  • Fire/Smoke Damage?

  • Water Damage/Mold?

  • Need to Sell Fast?

  • Illness?

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