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Are you looking to sell your property around the Fernley Nevada area in the next 10 days or less? Then you need to contact us right now because our team is standing by to give you a fair all cash offer on your property in its current condition.


Do you ever ask yourself how you could sell your Fernley Nevada property or who is going to take your property in the Fernley area. Now you have the answer with homebuyers of Nevada.


We are local Reno and surrounding area investors and our team of professionals can help you get cash for your property fast.


Do you have a property that's a horrible condition from the fire or you're just tired of dealing with tenants? You can get rid of your problem property today by calling us and getting an all cash offer on your property.


We except properties in all conditions including those that have been in a fire water damage squatter damage and everything in between. We understand but you may be tired of dealing with your problem property and we're prepared to take it off your hands once and for all.


  • Tired of being a Landlord?? WE CAN HELP!
  • Bad Tenants? WE CAN HELP!
  • Foreclosure? WE CAN HELP!​
  • Need a Quick Sale? WE CAN HELP!

We understand that it can take a long time to sell your property in the Fernley area when you're using a traditional realtor. On top of that you're going to pay exorbitant fees and high commissions they can really take away from your end profit.


Here at Home Buyers Nevada, our favorite method for buying houses is to pay cash and to buy it in its current condition as is. What that means for you is that there's no need to make additional repairs or spend another dime on your property. You don't even have to take anything out of the property will handle that for you.


How would you like to sell your property fast and not pay commissions and fees?


This is why we've worked hard and made it our mission to give homeowners and property owners in the Fernley area an easier opportunity and a better experience when selling their home.


We follow a simple three step process that is extremely fast to get to closing and put that cash in your pocket. Avoid the hassle of the realtors repairs in months waiting around for a property that might not ever sell.


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Once our team of professionals receives her information and will review the details and contact you to get more information about your property and schedule a meet at your home. Will need to get an idea of your property and potential repairs that will need to make once we take over your home.


Don't worry, you're not gonna have to worry about doing those repairs yourself because our team of professionals will handle all that for you. Finally, the final steps to selling your home fast in Fernley for cash, is to choose your closing date and decide when and where you want to sell your home.


We want to give you options on selling your home and we also want to make it extremely easy for you to get rid of your property. Will work on your timeline and handle all the details so you can simply sign the paperwork and receive the cash from the sale of your home in 10 days or less.


Here's how the process works from A to Z Submit your information into our simple online form or call us right now at (775) 227-3979​


  1. Our team will review all your details and call you to discuss your options​
  2. You can have your all-cash offer within minutes​
  3. Simply choose where and when you want to close, we'll make it happen!


Call Us Right Now to Get Your Cash Offer Today -(775) 227-3979


As you can see we do things a bit differently from the traditional real estate selling process. We do whatever we can to make it easy on our sellers by offering an as is purchase on the property with a fast closing.


In this way, we are able to put the most cash in your pocket versus other cash buyers or methods of sale.If you're searching for a "we buy houses” Company around Fernley Nevada, there's no better choice than homebuyers of Nevada.


We purchase homes all around Reno, Sparks Fernley and surrounding areas and we're here to help you sell your home fast.


How Do We Separate Ourselves from the Competition?

  • Super Cast Close : We can close in as little as 10 days
  • ​Get Started Today : We can be at most Fernley homes within one hour after being contacted​
  • Local Investors : We purchase all types of Fernley properties and all the surrounding areas including Reno, Carson City, Virginia City, and the entire North Valley!
  • ​Fair Cash Offers ONLY : We believe in win-win deals that put cash in your pocket and ours, too!​
  • This is our Business : As local investors with years in the area we understand the Fernley area and can offer you the best offer on your home.
  • Time is Money :  Get your cash offer in MINUTES from right now. Call (775) 227-3979


We don't care what the reason is you want to sell all that matters is we're here to help you get rid of your property.


Inherited the home? Being foreclosed on? Divorce? Tired of tenants? Do any of this situation some familiar to you? Are you currently going through a divorce? Did you recently in here at a property that you no longer want?


Did your home recently have some fire damage? Are they currently plumbing problems or water leaks? Are there squatters inside your property that you can get rid of?


We've seen it all and we're here to help you today. Call us right now at (775) 227-3979 or enter your details in the form at and our team will contact you shortly!


If you’re looking to “sell my home in Fernley”, call us right now and vet your all-cash offer in minutes from right now! Call us today!


Simple 3 Step Process Makes it Easy to Sell Your Property On YOUR Terms..Not Theirs!

Step #1

Fill out the form below or call right now to get your free personalized offer showing exactly how much your home is worth today.

Step #2

We will take the time necessary to understand your goals, answer your questions, and provide you with next steps to sell your property on your terms.

Step #3

You choose the best plan for your situation and we work to prepare your cash and closing at the time and place of YOUR choosing.

  • Inherited Property

  • Too Much Time on Market?

  • Foreclosure?

  • Horrible Tenants?

  • Divorce

  • Need LOTS or repairs?

  • Fire/Smoke Damage?

  • Water Damage/Mold?

  • Need to Sell Fast?

  • Illness?

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