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The top six reasons to work with Home Buyers Nevada to sell your Carson City property :


1. Fair cash offer every time. We only make fair cash offers that won't waste your time. It's just a matter of minutes we can give you a cash offer and let you know exactly how much we are willing to pay for your property.


2. Extremely fast closing times. The Fastest way to sell your house in the Carson City and surrounding areas is for cash! We can be at the closing table in 10 days or less and there's no time wasted on mortgage approvals at the banks.


3. Zero realtor fees and commissions. We are not realtors ourselves which means there's absolutely no commission when you're selling your property to us. Every offer that we make is totally free in comes with no obligation to you. That means no online listings are open houses with people rummaging through your belongings.


4. Don't spend a dime on repairs. You can save tens of thousands of dollars when you sell to Home Buyers Nevada. We always buy your property in the as is condition which means will do all the heavy lifting. This also means we can except your property in it's current condition without exception.


5. Your terms. We work around your schedule which means if you want to close in a few weeks or a few months will make it happen. Do you need to stay for a while after we close the deal? No problem. Call us today and we'll figure out how to make it work for you!


6. Extremely simple process. The number one reason that she may wanna work with us over traditional realtors is because of our extremely quick and easy process for closing. We like to work on win-win deals and hassle free is the way to be!


  • Already Working With an Agent ? NOT A PROBLEM!
  • Foreclosure? NOT A PROBLEM!
  • Horrible Tenants? NOT A PROBLEM!​
  • Fire Damage? NOT A PROBLEM!


In fact, by not using the banks money to fund our deals we can save a whole lot of time on closing the deal. Instead of spending months on closing we can get it done in 10 days or less without paying commissions out of your pocket!


We pay in cash for Reno, Sparks, Carson City and surrounding area houses and we close fast, often in just a matter of days!


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Here's how our offer process works :


1. Call or submit your information in the form above. Our team will get hard to work in the background and figure out what a fair all-cash offer is for your property.


2. Next, we meet at your property in right up the contract. Every offer that we make comes with no obligation to you. I will meet you at your property will review the offer and go over any questions that you may have.


3. The last step is to choose the closing date of your choice. This is your property and we want you to control the process the entire time. If you want to close in two weeks from today or six months down the road it's totally up to you.


Will handle all the details in the background for you.You won’t have to spend tens of thousands on fees and commissions when you work with us. Get your money and get moving, that’s how we work at


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Here’s a quick recap on the entire process..


  • Information : You send over your information into our form above​
  • Review : Our team will review your information and get in touch to discuss your offer​
  • Cash Offer : We will make you an cash offer over the phone or at your property ​
  • Close : You decide when and where to close and we make it happen on your timeline


Call Us Right Now to Receive Your All-Cash Offer Today - (775) 227-3979


It's our belief that The entire process of selling your home should be a straightforward as possible. We wanna make it as simple and easy as possible for you to get cash for your property that's in the Carson City and Surrounding areas – – it doesn't matter what the condition or the situation Because we will buy any property in any condition and will do it quickly for cash.


Do you wanna know the best part about our process? If you want to close as soon as next week great. Period. Will make that happen for you! You're in complete control of the process the entire time which means that if you want to close in six months we can even make that happen.


We want to buy your property in Carson City regardless of the timeframe that you have in mind. As we've already said once before, the process of selling your house shouldn't be so difficult and here at Home Buyers Nevada, we are here to make the process easier than ever before.


Your Choice Carson City and Surrounding Areas Cash Home Buyers


Home Buyers Nevada Is a locally founded company dedicated to helping families around the area through difficult situations. There are companies out there that don't care about their clients but that's not us here at Home Buyers Nevada. We only make a deal happen if it's a win-win for both parties involved.


We're not the same old Carson City area home buyer or a home buying business. We're not out to offer you less than your properties worth and we're definitely not out to waste your time – – we are very serious about buying your home located around the Carson City area.


If you're looking for someone to buy your property for cash in the Carson City area Home Buyers Nevada is your place to go so call us right now at 775-227-3979.


If you've been telling yourself that you need to sell your house extremely fast around the Carson City area then we can help you. It doesn't matter what neighborhood your property is in and exactly the condition because will take any piece of junk under the sun.


Ugly house? No problem! Smelly House? No problem!


We've seen it all and we're willing to take on any project. Plus, We know how to close on your property fast in 10 days or less with cash in your pocket at closing.


Home Buyers Nevada Is a top Carson City area home buyer we can help you through the situation you were currently in which may be and inherited house, extremely late on taxes,Death or divorce, foreclosure lingering or whatever the case may be...


Simple 3 Step Process Makes it Easy to Sell Your Property On YOUR Terms..Not Theirs!

Step #1

Fill out the form below or call right now to get your free personalized offer showing exactly how much your home is worth today.

Step #2

We will take the time necessary to understand your goals, answer your questions, and provide you with next steps to sell your property on your terms.

Step #3

You choose the best plan for your situation and we work to prepare your cash and closing at the time and place of YOUR choosing.

  • Inherited Property

  • Too Much Time on Market?

  • Foreclosure?

  • Horrible Tenants?

  • Divorce

  • Need LOTS or repairs?

  • Fire/Smoke Damage?

  • Water Damage/Mold?

  • Need to Sell Fast?

  • Illness?

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